Buying and selling is never easy especially if you're out of the market for a number of years.


Our aim is deliver you a car that meets your needs at a better price than you could negotiate yourself. Conversely sell or dispose at your existing car simply at a fair price.

How do we achieve this? Lets look at the market place. Firstly many car salespeople are in their first job and lack both product and industry knowledge. Secondly dealerships are expensive to run, many employees are on targets and commission all dependant on sales. Thirdly much of the margin comes from finance, warranties and add ons. Fourthly the preparation of many used cars is minimal. Fifthly we don't have any ties and will advise of new models, non franchise finance options , etc.


Our process is to understand your requirements, then make some recommendations once we understand your drivers. We can give a view on depreciation, desirability, reliability, usability and even vanity - the choice is yours but we will arm you with the facts. Experience of where to buy, premier buyers and sellers fees at auction, fleet terms, volume at coach works gives us a real edge.

Quattro 4wd